Fourni par Blogger.



From the moment you register at the store,
you create your own license name:
Please copy the link to see how to proceed for your license
You do not receive a link about your license or email
If you want to change your license, go to your customer area, edit your account information and in the "firstname" box enter the license name you want

Lisence psp traditional, allows you to use the tubes for personal purposes, only, you can create your sites, blogs, designs for yourself and only yourself.
You cannot resell, share, redistribute these to third parties or others.
You can colorize, resize, and animate all the tubes in the store. The tubes must not be deformed in your creations.
It is compulsory to put the copyright, the name of the artist "ChrisPastel Tubes as well as the url of the store" followed by the acronym CHP- followed by your username


Hello, I am the artist of the store and the sole exclusive owner of all the products produced manually,
 that is to say that all the "tube" items are painted using digital tools apart from two or three tubes which are painted with graphite pencils and traditional colored pencils.
This type of license gives the customer more rights to use the tubes. This license Plus allows the use of images for commercial purposes. 
You can use them for blogging or commercial site designs, 
the end products can be printed with images for any unpaid material. You can also use it as a gift for your friends on mugs, postcards, cushion, frame ect)

Also allowed, custom blog / website design for a third party to earn money.
Conditions to be respected:
 1 :put the copyright of the artist, and write the url on the page of the website or blog. Each image must be used with the Plus license purchased and be registered
For each blog page or website you must redeem the license.
2 : if you create three pages, with the same tubes you will have to redeem the license three times whether for blogs, websites, designs etc.
3 :The images must not be able to be extracted, cut out, from your designs, blog / websites / desing and others

The sale of tubes with physical products, such as (mug, t-shirt, postcards ect) or parts of tubes are strictly prohibited
If you want to sell the tubes with physical / digital products, please contact me to purchase an unlimited license


 Use the license with an image other than the one you bought
Resell, share, transfer or give access to groups, people, blogs, redistribute, or distort any image or tube that comes from the store.
Use the images for pornographic, defamatory, racist, insulting, obscene, illegal purposes.
Make a false declaration that this image was created by you or by a person, other than the holders of the right of the image.

If you wish to contact me, you can write via the contact form